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Living with Landyn with Landyn Hutchinson

Sep 28, 2020

Today Landyn sits down with Maggie Tucker- an entrepreneur, a dreamer and last but not least the owner and brains behind Magpies Baby and Magpies Girl in Nashville TN. MagPies encompasses a fun and creative retail space for all children and fosters a loving community. Maggie shares her experience when building her business, mistakes and lessons she learned and what it’s like to start her family. Also for podcast listeners only, Maggie is offering 20% OFF September 28th - October 1st, for online only - use code: LWL20

This episode also includes:

+Finding a mentor + creating a solid relationship

+Challenges starting a new business

+Creating a space centered in encouragement

+Keeping merchandise fresh in a retail space

+Maggie's skin care routine (she seriously has the best skin)

+Being plant based

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